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Representing the 10,000 solicitors across Westminster & Holborn, a forum networking and promoting professional legal services in the 21st Century

Welcome from our President

Westminster and Holborn Law Society is a vibrant group of legal professionals with widely differing specialities, experience and size of firm. The Society’s role, on behalf of its members, is to represent lawyers in Central London and provide a forum for discussion and networking.  Its sub committees enable the Society to comment on legal developments and, through our Council Members, your voice can be heard on the National Law Society Council.  

Westminster and Holborn Law Society actively encourages regional and international networking through a variety of legal and social events by:

Comprising around 10,000 admitted solicitors and many more legal professionals, the Westminster & Holborn constituency stretches from the south side of Oxford Street across the old Metropolitan Borough of Holborn to the City of London boundary. Many of our members are from within this area but you are very welcome to join us, even if you are based in another geographical area and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter.

Paul Sharma


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