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Created to assist you in running, growing and preparing your legal practice, our inaugural LegalEx Virtual event was a huge success and it's now available on demand free of charge, simply click and register! Seminars are CPD accredited, designed to inspire and educate you in regulations and legal skills, legal tech, client retention, business development, marketing and conveyancing to help you in a competitive market.

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Westminster & Holborn Law Society Events & Webinars

Please register or enquire for our Live events for 2021 and as soon as they are possible, we will list them here.

The Barcelona Bar Association Webinar - “Fake News & Privacy: A Legal Perspective

The Barcelona Bar Association are delighted to share a video of the Webinar “Trobades de Barcelona,

Memorial Jacques Henry” took place last 29 January, in collaboration with the European Bars Federation (FBE).


The topic of this edition was “Fake News & Privacy: A Legal Perspective”. Two panels were organised on this occasion. International experts participated on the first session under the subject  “Intellectual Property vs Privacy law” and Presidents of International Associations of Lawyers/Jurists in the second one. “Clients and the Legal  Profession”. We had the honour to have Peter Penninckx, Head of Information Society of the Council of Europe, as keynote Speaker.


10th & 11th November 2021 | ExCeL London

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